What’s Your Default Setting?

When it comes to the finance, default or the act of defaulting is not something you get a gold star for. Even beyond finance the definition is one that has negative connotations, words such as lack, need, absence, fail, etc. Interestingly, many of our tech toys/gadgets all come with “default settings,” not “standard settings.”


I like to know the in’s and out’s of things, and I’m curious to know what the default setting to my GPS device is, the mouse to my computer, or even controls to a video game. More often than not, I end up changing something for my own preference for things, for aesthetic reasons, or my need to simply tweak something.


A new year has begun, and many are full of hope for all the possibilities of the upcoming year but:


When is the last time you had a gut check?

When was the last time you looked underneath the hood?

What default settings are we carrying from last year to this year?


Some of us may be in a good place, where our default setting has guided and navigated us this far, and there’s no need to be tinkering with something that isn’t broken, others may be looking for clarity, a sense of direction, a renewed faith in love, relationships, prosperity, or make a lifestyle change.


This may be the moment to check our modus operandi, to see if everything feels secure, looks right, and engaging efficiently. There’s nothing worse than the false sense of security in auto pilot/cruise control, only to end up in a wreck. This year can truly be a different year than the last if it is your want, but let’s start with where we’re at right now to show if anything will need to be modified.


*photo credit: askdavetaylor

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