Time Out for Summer

Summer is probably many people’s favorite season. There are the occasional heat waves and severe weather, but those are redeemed by the frivolity: outdoor concerts, trips to the pool/beach, camping, flea markets, warm starry nights, boating, etc. There is so much that one can do that is not so ideal to do in the spring or fall.


Other than grilling in the summer, another favorite thing to do is the summer/family vacation. Hopefully these trips are well thought out and designed for getting rejuvenated and refreshed. Even if one is not taking a marvelous vacation somewhere, even a day trip or an intentional afternoon outdoors is enough to think of the 2 R’s.


Rejuvenated: Summer hearkens back to childhood, playing outdoors barefoot, getting nails dirty, sun bleached hair, and summer tans. The return back to nature, or playing in nature is such a big part of summer. Yes there is fun to be had waiting in lines to ride the most stomach churning roller coaster, but the connection back to the land, mother earth, God’s creation, etc. has a way of putting everything back in the perspective. Perhaps it’s simply spending less time breathing in recycled air and inhaling clean crisp air with a hint of pine, maybe it’s kicking off those shoes and letting our toes be free. Genuine belly laughs with family and friends over something truly funny/silly vs. laughing at the latest Tumblr meme, or celebrity mishap. It’s easy to feel rejuvenated when we’re outdoors and free of the constraints, rules, and the burdens of our job, routines, clothes, etc. We become reacquainted with what seems so simple and natural.

Refreshed: Have you ever returned from a trip only to find that everything seems a bit too loud, fast, bright, etc. Taking a break from our routine life should leave us with clarity of thoughts/absence of cluttered ideas, purposeful actions, and greater awareness for our surroundings. We can feel refreshed many different ways from taking a nap(or sleeping consistently more) to taken the “road less traveled” in the wilderness.


The whole point of taking a break, taking a vacation, is to return with clarity and feelings of being renewed, refreshed or even reset to return to the breakneck pace of life with the children, daily commute, school, or social calendars. I hope your reconnection to nature this summer leaves you feeling rejuvenated. If you get some time away from the daily grind, I hope it leaves you feeling refreshed, confident and secure with moving through and beyond the summer months.’


When’s your next time out this summer?





*Photo Credit: Kali




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