How’s the View? Can You See “it”?


Today I had the pleasure of going for a run outdoors, but more specifically I ran over water. Living in a city with a great waterfront and several bridges that link both banks of the Tennessee River is awesome. I am grateful that this scenery is accessible for everyone–not just certain property owners.


There’s something about a room –or a run–with an amazing view. Have you seen those high rises in the city with floor to ceiling windows? What a vantagepoint! How about those neighbors that have rooftop patios, or decks that overlook the annual fireworks? Some even aspire for that corner office that connotes prestige but also usually comes outfitted with majestic views.


There was something about running and enjoying the view while the time just flew by, was it fun, not sure, but I was certainly smiling, and taking it all in. A recent study stated that those who had fun while exercising lost weight compared to those who solely focused on exercise and losing weight.


Do your dreams take place in a room with a view? Are your goals within your sights? Is your goal, so close you can smell it, taste it? How often is your goal within viewing range? How much fun are you having in being successful?


Whatever your “it” may be, if you can see it, you can have fun reaching it.


Gaze into Your Crystal Ball


We’re all familiar with the scene in movies where the clairvoyant woman with the long fingernails will wave her hand over her crystal ball. She will be able to “see the future” or help her clientele recall an event from the past. Most importantly, someone is seeing something significant. What would it be like if you can “see” into the future, or go back to a past event?


The beauty of our brain is that it’s capable of many extraordinary things. If you close your eyes and think of the Eiffel Tower, most people will able to “hold onto” a mental image. Perhaps it’s an image from our last visit to Paris, or perhaps it’s based on a series of photos or drawings we’ve seen of the iconic tower. Read the rest of this entry »

Mental Game to Sports


As I previously wrote, there is much hope in the spring. The spring is also an exciting time for sport enthusiasts. Opening Day at baseball stadiums is almost a rite of spring; practically a municipal holiday. With greener grass and warmer weather, competition at the high school and college level is starting up, whether it be track and field, soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, etc. Youth leagues, travel leagues, and summer leagues will all be organizing.


The beauty of sports and these moments are made up of an individual’s excellence: clutch free throws, connecting on a much needed home run, a personal record as the last leg of a relay team, etc. These are all extraordinary moments by extraordinary athletes. Or are they? Read the rest of this entry »