Five Signs of. . .



Signs that Summer Has Begun:

1. Memorial Day has passed

2. Swimming pools open

3. White pants come out of the closet

4. School years are ending or winding down

5. Invites to cookouts and weddings are filling up the calendar


The goodbye to spring, and hello to summer happens often suddenly, with not a lot of warning.


Signs You May Be Mourning a Change You Don’t Even Realize:

1. You finished 12th grade and will be leaving home to attend college

2. You just returned home to live with your parents

3. You are kissing your bachelor/bachelorette days goodbye in the coming weeks

4. You are transitioning to full-time childcare (grandkids) duty

5. You suddenly find yourself caring for an aging parent


As the calendar just flipped to June, I wonder what changes are you going through? What season of life are you entering?


While summer is a time to kick back and relax, the beginnings of summer may be an excellent time for reflection on what just ended, and what may lie ahead.


Signs Counseling May Be Useful as You Enter this New Season:

1. You’ve tried to just follow the sun in the past and it led you astray

2. You’d like to be more intentional as you close a chapter of life

3. You want to process the old/new chapter with a professional

4. You don’t want to repeat certain mistakes

5. You are filled with fear about what may be on the horizon



Home Is. . .


. . .Where the Heart Is

. . . .Wherever I’m with You.


Every summer I make the trek back to the home that I lived in for only 2 years before leaving for college. In childhood there were many places that I called “home.” This home that my parents proudly own, the one that I barely have any memories in, is still considered home, as much as I claim that the particular town is also my home. Read the rest of this entry »

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Few Hours/Week


When I was a young lad, too young to legally work, but too old for day camps, I spent summer hours volunteering.  


My first summer I spent changing hospital bedding, assisting nurses with non clinical things (this was well before nurse techs, PCA’s, etc.), and being a friendly face and listening ear to patients. Sometimes I would drive the book cart around to see if anyone was interested in reading, sometimes I would just watch TV with someone. It was not a bad way to spend a couple hours a week (and to get a discounted lunch to boot!). Read the rest of this entry »