Do You Influence Your Child’s Video Gaming?


I read a brief summary of a study involving one’s parenting style and whether it’s related to the amount of video gaming their child may participate in. This study is difficult to understand in that it’s basically saying if a parents has a nagging parenting style, but does not “monitor” their child, the more time the child is likely to play video games.


In my work with children and teenagers, I have yet to meet someone who likes to be nagged. On the flip side, I have had many parents share that they do not like having to nag or constantly remind/redirect their child from something. I’ve also worked with many young people who like to play video games. I have found that most parents realize that video games are part of the culture of young people, and that they can not totally restrict or forbid gaming. On the contrary, I think most parents would rather have their children engaged in other activities other than video gaming, or at least have a variety of activities a child would engaged in. Read the rest of this entry »