On the Cusp. . .


. . .of the holiday season. Now that Halloween has come and gone, including this weekend we are 7 weekends away from Christmas/Holiday season.


The holidays are a wonderful time, a season of thanks, and good cheer. It is also a festive time to get together with friends, office holiday parties, holiday banquets/fundraisers, and concerts. There’s festive light shows, plays/concerts/ballets to attend, pictures to take, cards to create, gift lists, baking, decorating, planning, traveling, etc.


The holiday season seems to start sooner every year, and various personal and family events to attend only grow with young children.


So while we’re still 7 weeks away, I hope that there can be an intentional time to relax, take in the fall season, spend time with your immediate family without the pressures of everyone else around, and just savor a free weekend before it gets crammed with various commitments.


*photo credit: cosmic fitness

Five Signs of. . .



Signs that Summer Has Begun:

1. Memorial Day has passed

2. Swimming pools open

3. White pants come out of the closet

4. School years are ending or winding down

5. Invites to cookouts and weddings are filling up the calendar


The goodbye to spring, and hello to summer happens often suddenly, with not a lot of warning.


Signs You May Be Mourning a Change You Don’t Even Realize:

1. You finished 12th grade and will be leaving home to attend college

2. You just returned home to live with your parents

3. You are kissing your bachelor/bachelorette days goodbye in the coming weeks

4. You are transitioning to full-time childcare (grandkids) duty

5. You suddenly find yourself caring for an aging parent


As the calendar just flipped to June, I wonder what changes are you going through? What season of life are you entering?


While summer is a time to kick back and relax, the beginnings of summer may be an excellent time for reflection on what just ended, and what may lie ahead.


Signs Counseling May Be Useful as You Enter this New Season:

1. You’ve tried to just follow the sun in the past and it led you astray

2. You’d like to be more intentional as you close a chapter of life

3. You want to process the old/new chapter with a professional

4. You don’t want to repeat certain mistakes

5. You are filled with fear about what may be on the horizon



Sounds of Silence


When I was in college, I was a champion procrastinator. One of the most productive forms of procrastinating came in the form of ironing my just-washed pants and shirts. Before the days of cable television in each dorm room, I would often iron in silence, watching the wrinkles vanish before my eyes, and creating uniform crisp creases. The sounds of hissing, misting, and the bursts of steam were all very tranquil.


Once the dorms were wired with cable, I took to multi-tasking: watching TV while ironing, sometimes there was even a headset involved and I would talk on the phone and iron (craziness!, I know). The peaceful and repetitive motion of ironing clothes allowed me to relax and watch the game or a sitcom. Post college the idea of watching TV and ironing continued. Read the rest of this entry »