Honor Today


There are many things that I personally and professionally enjoy about yoga. As a counselor, I particularly like the words that are spoken in class -positive affirmations, thoughts of gratitude and blessings, and honor.


There’s always a moment at the beginning of the session where “honor where you are at,” is spoken. To me this is a gentle reminder to take an honest inventory of where I am at. This could imply that this is my first class in 2 months (so my body is going to react differently), it could be that I’m physically tired or emotionally drained, it could also imply various other things for different people. The reminder that this is “where I am,” allows me to have realistic expectations for self, and make alternative plans for the future, if I so desire.


I’m here, this is me, I owe it to myself to respect and honor where I am in this moment, and to fully be engaged and active in where I am at today.


Mondays can be a challenge, but it’s the beginning of a new weekday, and the possibilities are endless today.


How will you honor yourself today?



*photo credit: Washington Post




Reflect. Rewrite. Return.


The season of Thanksgiving is upon on, and generally people like to take this time to reflect on things that they are grateful for, the blessings of the last year, or simply giving back to those who may have less.


In the midst of reflection, obviously there are negative experiences from the past year(s). The holidays have a way of bringing up those tucked away feelings and experiences, whether it’s the fear of seeing a family member you have history with, the reminder that this past year was not all that different from where you were the year before, the reminder that a loved one is missing, or perhaps general disappointment that you are harboring feelings from the past.


Here are some quick ideas that may be of help. Read the rest of this entry »

Sounds of Silence


When I was in college, I was a champion procrastinator. One of the most productive forms of procrastinating came in the form of ironing my just-washed pants and shirts. Before the days of cable television in each dorm room, I would often iron in silence, watching the wrinkles vanish before my eyes, and creating uniform crisp creases. The sounds of hissing, misting, and the bursts of steam were all very tranquil.


Once the dorms were wired with cable, I took to multi-tasking: watching TV while ironing, sometimes there was even a headset involved and I would talk on the phone and iron (craziness!, I know). The peaceful and repetitive motion of ironing clothes allowed me to relax and watch the game or a sitcom. Post college the idea of watching TV and ironing continued. Read the rest of this entry »