Dancing Along and Stepping on Toes


Immediately after my 8th grade graduation, my school arranged a little party for the graduates, more specifically a dance. A dance that included slow dancing. It escapes me if I knew about the slow dancing part, but up until that time I had never been exposed to slow dancing. There was a time I went to a Bar Mitzvah in 5th grade, but there wasn’t much of any dancing.   Thank goodness for my classmate who ended up being my first dance partner. She was a sweetheart about my first dance, and didn’t mind me mashing her toes up a bit. It certainly took some time to figure out the footwork of swaying back and forth and not obsessively staring at one’s feet. By the end of our brief 8th grade graduation dance, I felt accomplished in my academics, as well as knowing the basics of dance.   I’m not sure if I ever got better at dancing, despite drop-in ballroom dance classes, learning choreography for various musicals, or participating in Zumba. There have certainly been many times where toes were mashed, flying elbows hit someone in the head, or general collisions occurred with other dance partners. You would think I would have given up on dance, but it’s still an enjoyable activity, and I am still trying to figure it all out.   Before I ever listened to a country song, a good friend shared some lyrics with me:

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In Front of the 8 Ball (part 2)


I'm Blogging for Mental Health.


In Part 1 of this two part post on In Front of the 8 ball, I talked about the misconceptions around mental health, and why people avoid seeking out help or consultation. If you’ve made it to Part 2 then congratulations, as I’ve piqued your interest, and perhaps you’re contemplating the possibility of change in your life.


“I need help now. Whom do I see? Where do I go?” These are often the first questions we ask when we have an area of our lives that needs immediate attention.  We need: a home inspection, an educational consultation, a health or fitness makeover. If you work for a mid-size to large company or organization, it is very likely that you have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is a program that your employer contracts out to another organization to provide immediate assistance to alleviate any concerns or difficulties an employee may have. Employee Assistance Programs offer counseling services, as well as legal, financial, or wellness services. The best thing  about EAP programs is that all of the services are free, already prepaid via your employer, and entirely confidential (your employer will not know that you have accessed or used EAP benefits).

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Summertime: A Season of Action


I’ve always been a fan of George Gershwin’s song Summertime from Porgy and Bess(although DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s ain’t bad). Is it not true, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy. . .So hush little baby don’t you cry.” As we usher in a new season of grilling, swimming pools, hot weather and summer trips, it’s generally a positive and happy time for all.

Summertime Is Grilling Time....In Lego City


Students often kick back and relax during the summer, putting off their summer reading list and hanging out with friends. Many adults tend to take their vacation time during the summer months to spend time with their family, enjoy the nice weather, or take the trip they have been planning all year for. Our friends in Europe simply all vacation at the same time during the month of August. Business and productivity is generally down in the summer months, and that’s just fine because that’s part of summer and living easy.


Many counselors also take advantage of the summers to travel, relax, and spend time with friends and family. Some of this may be by design, and for others it may just be due to “summer syndrome:” a good majority of their clients are feeling better, are on vacation, or living easy.


There is much to love about warmer weather, increased hours of daylight, and spending more time outdoors, all of these things contribute to better lifestyle, and better mental health. On the flip side my colleagues and I fully prepare for the return of old clients, new clients and referrals once the days become shorter, school begins, and the holidays season quickly approaching.


Summertime is naturally a great time to be “livin’ easy,” but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to “work hard, and play hard” as well. I would like to propose(and challenge) that summertime can also be a great time for dynamic change for the following reasons:

    1. Being proactive in the summer can prepare and pave the way for a successful fall and holiday season
    2. Due to the general fun summer activities, the balance of doing introspective work on self, and balancing with self care is easier than other seasons
    3. It’s very possible there is more availability for appointments with a counselor in the month of June than in October
    4. No one has ever regretted planning ahead or being proactive


Allow me to be a part of your proactive process this summer by reaching out to me today.


photo credit: bootoyz