In Front of the 8 Ball (part 1)


I'm Blogging for Mental Health.
I am certainly no pool shark, nor have spent significant time in billiard clubs. However, I am familiar with what it means to be caught behind the 8 ball.  It’s a precarious position, where the angles of your next shot are limited. You only have so many options. Think of it as trying to watch your favorite band/team/show from an “obstructed view” seat (bom, bom, BOMP).


In our own lives, we generally want to avoid these difficult positions, where our options for maneuvering are limited.  Sometimes, we’d just like to skip over the difficult parts. Other times there’s a strong magnetic pull that attracts all things gloomy and negative.


More commonly there are those who stay out of difficult situations by staying/looking ahead, Read the rest of this entry »