Love “Me” or Love “Me” Not?


“I want someone to love” or “I want someone to love me”…On the eve of Valentine’s Day, these declarations emerge along with aisles of heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates. How does one find love? Where does one find love? Is it internet dating sites? Being set up by friends/family.


In looking for love, I think we have to start with our selves: Do we love our selves? Do we treat our selves with care and respect? In other words, do we have a good relationship with our selves?

In a relationship being mindful of the needs of someone else and your self is not easy. You may find yourself giving more in a relationship, or you may find yourself taking more in a relationship. This inequality could eventually lead to problems where you’re neglecting yourself or the other person. So what’s love of self got to do with any of this?

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