I Am Not A Snuggie, but. . .


It’s amazing how the brain organizes and processes information. Like with the word “Snuggie:” there are probably thoughts, feelings, images, colors, etc. that instantly flooded your mind when you read that. Similarly, many people have certain ideas of what therapy, counseling, or psychotherapy would be like. Most of these ideas come from TV or movies, or information that we’ve gathered throughout our lives. I wanted to share what working with me as your therapist/counselor would be and not be like.


P90X a home fitness DVD program designed to work your body to exhaustion via “muscle confusion,” to build strength, lose weight, and get fit. If you’re a believer and user of P90X, I’m happy for you, but therapy does not work like this. I create, provide, and maintain a safe and confidential physical space where you can express and explore feelings, thoughts, success, fears, etc. There is no equivalent of “muscle confusion” or working out to the brink of muscle spasms and fatigue. Not only would this be grossly irresponsible and disrespectful, it would also cause harm and pain, which are never the goals of therapy.

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