Reflect. Rewrite. Return.


The season of Thanksgiving is upon on, and generally people like to take this time to reflect on things that they are grateful for, the blessings of the last year, or simply giving back to those who may have less.


In the midst of reflection, obviously there are negative experiences from the past year(s). The holidays have a way of bringing up those tucked away feelings and experiences, whether it’s the fear of seeing a family member you have history with, the reminder that this past year was not all that different from where you were the year before, the reminder that a loved one is missing, or perhaps general disappointment that you are harboring feelings from the past.


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Home Is. . .


. . .Where the Heart Is

. . . .Wherever I’m with You.


Every summer I make the trek back to the home that I lived in for only 2 years before leaving for college. In childhood there were many places that I called “home.” This home that my parents proudly own, the one that I barely have any memories in, is still considered home, as much as I claim that the particular town is also my home. Read the rest of this entry »

Reflecting and Planning


We are clearly in the holiday season(only 20 days ’til Christmas), and while the holiday season can be stressful with reflections of things that didn’t work out over the year, forced interactions with family members that we’ve avoided all year,or the bombardment of needing to spend money that we may or may not have. The holidays are often a time when those who are no longer with us are also remembered and missed. Sometimes these feelings are expected, other times they sneak right up on us. Despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, often times this is the time when most people need to take extra time for self-care and reflection.

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