Over the years there are common questions that I get asked prior to setting up our 1st appointment, or questions that come up during the  future sessions. Some questions relate to logistics, others could be more personal. Typically with younger clients they like to ask me personal questions.

A guiding principle that I try to abide by is to not disclose personal information about myself with a client, especially if it’s not relevant to the focus of our time together.



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The Short and Long. . .


Summertime, for many, is synonymous with travel, especially the hours-long car trip. I took several trips this summer by car. Sometimes trips would take longer than expected and cause me to fantasize about flying by helicopter or the future of flying cars.


I’m sure I’m not alone on one the beauties of traveling by car: the GPS device. It ensures that we’ll get to our preset destination in a way without getting lost, or having to consult a “local” for directions, or having a paper map (remember those?). The GPS device allows me to know exactly when I will reach my end goal, as well as when I’ll need to make those turns to eventually reach my destination. It’s almost a clairvoyant device that keeps track of our short and long term goals on the road. Read the rest of this entry »

In Front of the 8 Ball (part 2)


I'm Blogging for Mental Health.


In Part 1 of this two part post on In Front of the 8 ball, I talked about the misconceptions around mental health, and why people avoid seeking out help or consultation. If you’ve made it to Part 2 then congratulations, as I’ve piqued your interest, and perhaps you’re contemplating the possibility of change in your life.


“I need help now. Whom do I see? Where do I go?” These are often the first questions we ask when we have an area of our lives that needs immediate attention.  We need: a home inspection, an educational consultation, a health or fitness makeover. If you work for a mid-size to large company or organization, it is very likely that you have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is a program that your employer contracts out to another organization to provide immediate assistance to alleviate any concerns or difficulties an employee may have. Employee Assistance Programs offer counseling services, as well as legal, financial, or wellness services. The best thing  about EAP programs is that all of the services are free, already prepaid via your employer, and entirely confidential (your employer will not know that you have accessed or used EAP benefits).

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