What’s Motivation Good For?



Ever have to talk yourself into brushing your teeth? Probably never, and I bet you do it daily, or maybe twice a day.


How often do you say, “If only I had some motivation. . .I could. . .?” How long did it take for motivation to circle back to you, so you could complete your task?


How do we store up motivation? All the successful, beautiful, or productive people must have an endless ration of motivation, right? How come I missed that Groupon deal on stockpiling motivation?


What if I said, “what’s motivation got to do with anything?” You would probably tune me out, but I have asked this question, many times. Teenagers, boys, adults, females–all sorts of people at some point have used the explanation that they just ran out of motivation, lost their motivation, or never had any motivation. Does motivation have anything to do with anything? Read the rest of this entry »

My Finger Still Remembers


2014-09-17 20.21.00

Nearly 9 weeks ago, I suffered the greatest injury to my body ever. I have had the good fortune of never breaking a bone, enduring an overnight stay at a hospital, or surgery (I never had the pleasure of being “put under” while my wisdom teeth were being pulled, but that’s a different story). While playing softball, in a moment of instincts (or lack thereof) I dove head first (first time ever!) into 3rd base. While I was safe, I picked my head up, and saw the white of my bones, my finger bent at an unnatural angle- I had a compound (bone broke through the skin) dislocated finger. Ew! Read the rest of this entry »

Reflect. Rewrite. Return.


The season of Thanksgiving is upon on, and generally people like to take this time to reflect on things that they are grateful for, the blessings of the last year, or simply giving back to those who may have less.


In the midst of reflection, obviously there are negative experiences from the past year(s). The holidays have a way of bringing up those tucked away feelings and experiences, whether it’s the fear of seeing a family member you have history with, the reminder that this past year was not all that different from where you were the year before, the reminder that a loved one is missing, or perhaps general disappointment that you are harboring feelings from the past.


Here are some quick ideas that may be of help. Read the rest of this entry »