Sounds of Silence


When I was in college, I was a champion procrastinator. One of the most productive forms of procrastinating came in the form of ironing my just-washed pants and shirts. Before the days of cable television in each dorm room, I would often iron in silence, watching the wrinkles vanish before my eyes, and creating uniform crisp creases. The sounds of hissing, misting, and the bursts of steam were all very tranquil.


Once the dorms were wired with cable, I took to multi-tasking: watching TV while ironing, sometimes there was even a headset involved and I would talk on the phone and iron (craziness!, I know). The peaceful and repetitive motion of ironing clothes allowed me to relax and watch the game or a sitcom. Post college the idea of watching TV and ironing continued. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting to Summer Camp


One of my favorite memories as a child was going to overnight camp. Making new friends, being enamored with all the camp counselors and staff–they were all so cool and had great stories.


The same passion for camp led me to return to camp when I was in college: this time as a counselor. That summer remains one of the most idyllic experiences. If you are among the families sending their children to overnight camps for 1 week all the way up to 8 week sessions, you may be experiencing some anxiety and fear for your child regarding his/her time away from home. The feelings might be shared by your child(ren), as well.


For parents, concerns about safety, and overall well-being are the biggest trepidations. For the child, being away from all that is familiar and going out into the unknown with very flimsy verbal affirmation that they will be picked up from camp or will be coming home is the greatest fear. Perhaps knowing that my friends were going to be at camp made my own transition to camp very easy when I was 8 years old. Perhaps I knew innately that I needed to leave the nest to explore and get dirty. Read the rest of this entry »