Over the years there are common questions that I get asked prior to setting up our 1st appointment, or questions that come up during the  future sessions. Some questions relate to logistics, others could be more personal. Typically with younger clients they like to ask me personal questions.

A guiding principle that I try to abide by is to not disclose personal information about myself with a client, especially if it’s not relevant to the focus of our time together.



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You’re Being Watched


A common thing that I hear from teens is that they hate being watched–when they enter a store at the mall, or by a parent trying to sneak-a-peek when they are on the computer.

The truth is no one likes a micro-manager; everyone would prefer to be trusted to work efficiently in an independent manner.   While traveling in London (many years ago) I was struck with the number of clearly visible security cameras in public places. On any given busy street corner in London, it seems almost every visible angle is covered by a camera mounted on the exterior of a building, the utility pole, a street sign, traffic light pole, etc. I wasn’t sure if I should feel safe or feel so violated that my image was being transmitted and saved to a server somewhere far away. Additionally, no one was asking me whether I cared, and there was no way I could avoid being “watched.”

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Why I Didn’t Become a Physical Therapist, the Class President, or a Frat Boy


In my personal life, often times people will ask how I became a counselor. I usually share that my intentions going into college were to go into physical therapy while majoring in psychology. Well, it turns out that the pre-PT science classes and I did not get along, but, go figure, I had no problems in my neuroscience classes. So I made the decision to let go of PT, and fully explore what my options were, which led me to social work. My original goal had been to help people recuperate from physical injuries. For the past ten years, I’ve been helping people achieve a different kind of healing, and also to maximize their potential, transform, and find answers/solutions. Read the rest of this entry »