Supporting Your Child’s Summer Reading List

July is past its midpoint, which means summer is almost over. For those in Hamilton County, school starts in 3 short weeks and for others, school will start in the next month or so.  Perhaps your child is just returning home from summer camp, or the family is about to embark on the last summer getaway. I’m sure you can smell it in the air:  it is time for back-t0-school clothes shopping and checking off school supply lists. Another task that may have fallen under the radar until now is the Dreaded Required Summer Reading.


It’s quite normal for children and adolescents to put off the not so fun things in life, such as taking out the trash, cleaning their room, and often reading books during the summer. Even adults are guilty of this, how often do we put off paying the bills until the night before?


Here are some tips to support your child accomplish their reading:

1. Align yourself with your child, to let them know that you’re there to support them in accomplishing their goal vs. being task master

2. Carefully outline how it will be possible to complete her/his book(s) before the start of school- figure out how many pages or chapter they would have to read each day to accomplish their goal. Small baby steps are more effective than large giant steps in accomplishing goals. Children/adolescent do better with series of smaller achievable goals vs. larger all-encompassing goals.

3. Support your child with the jointly formed plan to complete his/her required reading. Remember supporting and nagging are not the same.

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