The Short and Long. . .

Summertime, for many, is synonymous with travel, especially the hours-long car trip. I took several trips this summer by car. Sometimes trips would take longer than expected and cause me to fantasize about flying by helicopter or the future of flying cars.


I’m sure I’m not alone on one the beauties of traveling by car: the GPS device. It ensures that we’ll get to our preset destination in a way without getting lost, or having to consult a “local” for directions, or having a paper map (remember those?). The GPS device allows me to know exactly when I will reach my end goal, as well as when I’ll need to make those turns to eventually reach my destination. It’s almost a clairvoyant device that keeps track of our short and long term goals on the road.


How awesome would it be, as we navigate our daily lives, if all we had to do was simply look up and we would have an appealing display that showed that we were on our way to seeing the checkered flag, as well as knowing the immediate steps that would assure to get us there? Imagine how many difficulties would be eliminated if parents just asked their child to consult their display to see if they were on track or not. What if we could navigate relationships by whether or not we could see what turns or events would translate to ____?


Obviously life is a lot more complicated than the interstate and highways system of the land. However, so often we’re  focused on getting to the next big thing, we forget to examine the process of getting there. There’s also the goals that never take off, due to the fear of the immediate and intermediate steps that  could lead us the “wrong way.”  More commonly we are juggling many different goals at the same time, some we are are heavily invested in, some that we are just starting, the attention required can leave us feeling like we’re moving nowhere.


Whether you’re a dreamer who’s unsure of how to chase down those dreams, or a pragmatist who’s carefully considering all the possibilities, consider this: Perhaps in this period of transition from summer vacation to back to school, busy household to a quieter household, leaving home to establishing home, this is the time to consider support in looking at the challenges that lie ahead or simply to evaluate the goals you’re striving for.


Exploring your thoughts and feeling related to the progress made thus far (or lack thereof) in a confidential setting can renew and affirm your commitment to your goals, or it can stimulate and propel you into an exciting new direction.

What is your next short and long steps, and how can I help you get there?

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