Reflecting and Planning

We are clearly in the holiday season(only 20 days ’til Christmas), and while the holiday season can be stressful with reflections of things that didn’t work out over the year, forced interactions with family members that we’ve avoided all year,or the bombardment of needing to spend money that we may or may not have. The holidays are often a time when those who are no longer with us are also remembered and missed. Sometimes these feelings are expected, other times they sneak right up on us. Despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, often times this is the time when most people need to take extra time for self-care and reflection.

The holidays always end with renewal and hope in the new year, and while many may not be looking so ahead to 2012 at this time, it would be beneficial to star planning today. Personally, I know I function better when I’m organized and have a set plan. Students and children function better when they have the structure in place to stay focused and organized. Adults also do better when there’s clear expectations and goals that need to be met. With less than 30 days until we say goodbye to 2011, this is the time to start laying down the foundations for new ideas, goals, or plans for 2012.


New Year’s Resolution often don’t succeed beyond the month of Jan due to lack of plans/directions to follow through on, and lack of accountability to others. Perhaps you want to have more positive interactions with your child, to be a better parent, to be a better spouse, or to simply improve the overall quality of your relationships. Perhaps you have more concrete goals such as become healthier -eat right, sleep more, stop smoking, etc.

Whatever your goals may be, what are your plans to achieving your goals? What supports will you need to be successful?


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