Mental Game to Sports

As I previously wrote, there is much hope in the spring. The spring is also an exciting time for sport enthusiasts. Opening Day at baseball stadiums is almost a rite of spring; practically a municipal holiday. With greener grass and warmer weather, competition at the high school and college level is starting up, whether it be track and field, soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, etc. Youth leagues, travel leagues, and summer leagues will all be organizing.


The beauty of sports and these moments are made up of an individual’s excellence: clutch free throws, connecting on a much needed home run, a personal record as the last leg of a relay team, etc. These are all extraordinary moments by extraordinary athletes. Or are they?


As spectators, we enjoy the exhilaration and anticipation of the big plays, game defining moments, and wins. Physical attributes, athleticism, and preparation are significant factors to the moments we love to witness, but it’s usually the focus, concentration, mental preparation that allows for the execution of these extraordinary moments, as well as the difference between 2 phenomenal talent.


It is no secret that some of the top athletes/teams in their respective sports all benefit from working with a therapist or psychologist that help athletes to perform in the most optimal way possible. It may be golfer who calms their body and breathing before a crucial putt, or the relief pitcher already knowing the pitches that will strikeout the next 3 batters.


A therapist can help anyone raise his/her game, whether it’s goal setting, body awareness for optimal performance, eliminating mental blockages, the use of visualization for success, etc. Whether you’re a young student-athlete, preparing for your first triathlon, or looking to dominate your summer league, while you’re working on drills, cross training, and competing–don’t forget to sharpen the mental game as well.


*photo credit: Eroday

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