Here’s What I listened to Last Week #2


The world of the creative and designers have always seemed like the cool kids club or something, but I have only recently realized that creativity and being a creative are not merit badges that one earns, but rather a label that one’s self gets to define and identify with. Listening, understanding, and finding solutions, or also known as counseling is a very much a creative process the I engage in on a daily basis. I have also come to appreciate other aspects of my personal life, that can also be defined as creative.


I am a bit bummed that I won’t be able to attend Creative Mornings Chattanooga this Friday. So in honor of all things creative, here are the things that I listened to last week:

•How to Design a Life

•You Can Design Climate Change

•Designing a Family



  • The Tim Ferris Show is another gem of a podcast(he’s also a writer, entrepreneur, etc.), in this episode How to Design a Life (almost 2hrs) he interviews Debbie Millman, her influence and reach as a designer has been huuuge, but it didn’t come easy. She shares how she overcame many set backs, bullying, and ultimately persevered and won over the haters. If you don’t have the time for the long listen, fast fwd to the 1:30:20 mark in the podcast to hear about an amazing writing exercise that could change your trajectory for the rest of 2017!


  • Results May Vary, is a podcast that explores how “design thinking” helps solves everyday issues, whether it is the actual voting process, school lunches, consumer products, etc. In the episode You Can Design Climate Change (37 mins), Dr. Smyer is interviewed for his work in getting to the intersection of his lifelong work of psychology and the elderly, and his passion for Climate Change. You probably think one does not have to do with the other, but if you take a chance, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Having taught Aging in Society for many semesters, along with his background in psychology, it was an easy episode for me to relate to and enjoy- it made me further appreciate the powers of “design thinking” (it also made me want to go learn at the Standford D.School).


  • So, Designing a Family, is definitely not the name of an episode or podcast, but just hear me out and give me a chance. So this episode comes from the Mom and Dad are Fighting podcast(you can read about my love for this podcast here), and the episode is: The “Sad Laura Ashely Bat Mtizvah Dress” (54 mins). Of course, this title has nothing to do with family or design, although Bat Mitzvahs are large family gatherings, and Laura Ashley does indeed design, but I digress. This particular episode was guest co-hosted by Lizzie Skurnick who in essence designed her family. She made a choice to be a single mom, decided on whose sperm to buy, and has met up with “family” (in a hurry, fast fwd to the 11:55 mark to hear Lizzie’s design story. At the end of the day, every family is composed of a unique design, some intentional, some maybe not, but every day is yet another day where we are all part of creating/designing the narrative of our family’s story.


  • Again, Design+Parenting, is not the name of this episode or podcast, but rather this podcast comes from “Marlo Mack,” a mother who is honest and transparent about her challenges as a parent and worries/concerns of her child. The episode: The Window (17mins), comes from the podcast How to Be a Girl. In this episode, we get to hear how Marlo has to do things that many parents do not have to do, and we get to journey with her frustrations, fears, and the unknowns to finally where there’s some sort resolution. Marlo is always thinking of what is best for her daughter, and often has to “design” her way to make sure that her daughter is safe, healthy, and happy.


Maybe you’re not buying this whole idea of design and “design thinking,” and that’s okay, because not everyone is, but I will challenge whether you are capable of being creative with this quote+image below.

Photo Credits: Getty Images  COURAGEWorks


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