I Am Not A Snuggie, but. . .

It’s amazing how the brain organizes and processes information. Like with the word “Snuggie:” there are probably thoughts, feelings, images, colors, etc. that instantly flooded your mind when you read that. Similarly, many people have certain ideas of what therapy, counseling, or psychotherapy would be like. Most of these ideas come from TV or movies, or information that we’ve gathered throughout our lives. I wanted to share what working with me as your therapist/counselor would be and not be like.


P90X a home fitness DVD program designed to work your body to exhaustion via “muscle confusion,” to build strength, lose weight, and get fit. If you’re a believer and user of P90X, I’m happy for you, but therapy does not work like this. I create, provide, and maintain a safe and confidential physical space where you can express and explore feelings, thoughts, success, fears, etc. There is no equivalent of “muscle confusion” or working out to the brink of muscle spasms and fatigue. Not only would this be grossly irresponsible and disrespectful, it would also cause harm and pain, which are never the goals of therapy.


The National Hockey League is the 4th largest professional sports league in America, behind the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Despite being in the top 4, the general public can often care less about the ranking and stats of hockey players or teams. For most people the NHL is simply irrelevant.  In my office, each client is relevant to me, regardless if they are my 1st client of the day or my last client of the week. Almost all clients have a desire to want a change in their life, and entrusting me to be a part of the solution, my attention and care is directed to them.


The state of radio can be depressing at times with many stations simply playing the same rotation over and over throughout the day. The music is often formulaic in the feelings evoked, the beat, and length. I have worked with many people with relationship issues, anxiety, addictions, etc., but each client is a new client, each client brings their own story. No client story solicits a formulaic response and feedback from me. Each situation, each client is a new and unique experience for me that requires me to be respectful and non-judgemental in working with you.


To sprint is to run fast, and in order to win a race, you have to run faster than everyone else. The therapeutic process is not a sprint, changes can be made rapidly or over short period of time, but it is not a race against someone else, nor a sprint to the end. There are definite goals and a finish line that can be visible at the start of each session or at your initial intake appointment. How much progress we make towards the finish line could change, but it is my goal to not rush you along any faster than you should or need to go. The goal is to finish the race being stronger and better than when you started.

The Snuggie at first may seem like it would be functional and helpful. It is likely not going to be a necessary object to have to read a book, sit on the couch, or get cozy, which may mean this product gets forgotten or tossed aside. It is true working with me is not “As Seen on TV,” nor anything that is gimmicky. Counseling is not a product that you can find at your local big name store, or ordered via TV(but perhaps the internet). I strive to make my office as comfortable as possible and ideally people are struck by the warmth and genuine care they receive from each session.



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2 thoughts on “I Am Not A Snuggie, but. . .

  1. Good use of antonymic play here John… So many people do misunderstand the therapeutic process. I recently have been reminded how difficult it can be… Parents often think they know best, and often they do, but when their kid is having trouble and what they are doing is not working or making it worse it perplexes me their resistance to try anything new at times. I wonder why they then brought their child to therapy? Hoping for miracle cures while not wanting to change at all themselves?

  2. Dan, thanks for stopping by and commenting, there are so many instantaneous things in society these days. so the idea of “processing” and “taking time” can be foreign to some, but also makes the work that we do even more important.

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