Home Is. . .

. . .Where the Heart Is

. . . .Wherever I’m with You.


Every summer I make the trek back to the home that I lived in for only 2 years before leaving for college. In childhood there were many places that I called “home.” This home that my parents proudly own, the one that I barely have any memories in, is still considered home, as much as I claim that the particular town is also my home.


When I think of my home, it’s not necessarily where “my heart is,” and despite my love for my parents, “wherever I’m with you” is not why I still consider my parents’ residence “home.” For me, being more practical, it’s simply where I am most comfortable- it’s where I feel that I can just sprawl all over the floor, sleep in without any consequences, overindulge in home cooked meals, and do all this without worry or fears. Home to me is where I feel comfortable being a bit more selfish with my time, a bit more indulgent in another trip for ice cream, and shameless regarding the lack of productivity.


This summer, some of you may be on your journey “home” to spend time with your family(ies), others may be off to some other destination for a trip or vacation. Wherever you may be, or going to, or returning to, I hope somewhere in that cycle there is a quiet, peaceful, and comfortable place where your cares just melts away, and there’s a freedom to wiggle your toes, and sprawl out as much as you want.


What qualities define “home” for you?

Where is your “home?”


Home is where . . .

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