Here’s What I Listened to Last Week: 🎓Grad Edition🎓 

I’m still listening to stuff, but also feel like I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with all my podcasts, but I’ve got some interesting listens for those who are graduating from college or high school. Like all graduation speeches, it can be a pertinent/relevant talk for the whole audience, not just the graduates.


So here’s what I listened to:

Importance of Relationships

Ultimate Advice for Every 22y/o

How to Resolve Internal Conflict

Meditation: Letting Thought Clouds Come and Go

Bonus: Positivity

  • We all understand the function of relationships, but regardless of the power of technology, we need to take care of those around us, and put in the time to keep up with others. Simon Sinek breaks down what young people need to hear as they head out into the working world. My summary could do no justice to this talk that he gave at Creative Mornings, a “must listen” for all young professionals.


  • I could probably suggest some sort of Gary Vaynerchuk podcast, sound clip, etc. every blog post, but I have tried very hard not to repeat or be overly reliant on the same podcasts. The advice he gives this young person can be relevant for anyone who’s impatient, has a tendency to procrastinate, or trying to create something for themselves.


  • As a graduate, the world can seem so big, and the choice and options to consider can seem daunting. Sometimes we have thoughts and feelings that can be self-defeating, our self talk could be so loud that we’re paralyzed from making any sort of decision. Tony Robbins shares How To Resolve Internal Conflict via the Tim Ferriss Show.


  • Meditation is everywhere, and it seems like everyone has started practicing it. Tara Brach has many great guided meditations available, but this one is particularly helpful when you’re overwhelmed or mulling over various life decisions. Sometimes we just have to let the Thoughts Come and Go vs getting bogged down. I remember listening and meditating while flying through the clouds on my way to an interview- so helpful.


  • It’s always a joyous moment to graduate, therefore cherish this moment and celebrate. It’s easy for our thoughts and feelings to turn negative when we start comparing our next steps to others, or perhaps you’re still in the process of figuring things out- and that’s ok. Just remember in these moments we just need to tune out the negativity and turn up the positivity!


Congratulations to the Class of 2017!





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