It’s Gonna Be a Long _____ Year. . .

What word would you use to fill in the blank in the title of today’s post? With two more games to play tonight, week 1 of the new NFL season is almost over. If you’re a college football fan, it’s been two games; either your team is whooping on teams they should beat, or there’s been heartache, or close calls. Many pundits and fans will predict doomsday events for their beloved team today, while others will always remain hopeful that things will turn around.


If you’re a student or a parent of a child in the South, most likely your child has hit the 1/4 way point for the 1st quarter, if one’s in high school, about the 1/8th of the way through the first semester. If your student has only been in school for a day or a week or two, then there’s certainly no need to worry.


While many can try to make predictions for the year (season) based on limited data, we owe it to our children to not be quick to panic whether it’s your alma mater, your fav team, or your child’s grades. While many school districts have moved to online gradebooks for students, parents and teachers, and while in theory it’s a great resource and keeps up with our culture of information on demand, I have seen it cause a lot of unneeded alarm and anxiety.


At the beginning of the year, there are only a limited number of points, a missed point here, a quiz with below avg score there, will certainly reflect a less than stellar grade. There is the common problem of a teacher not inputting grades either, which does not reflect the efforts of your student too. There is no denying that your student’s grade is the grade that is shown on the screen, just like my team that is in last place and winless.


The school year is long, just like a season is long. This is certainly not the time to be hyperventilating and canceling all after school activities, it is a time to be aware of the information that you have, and truly make sense of what is or what is not going on. If there are no missing homework, but your child bombed the only test, thus far, yes, this will greatly affect your student’s current grade, but over the course of a quarter or semester, that bad test grade could be negated by a bounty of other assignments, projects, and tests.


This early in the school year, your student needs assurance that all will be well, perhaps extra supports to guide them along, it’s really a time to rally. This is also the time to express trust in your student that he/she can be responsible enough to get their grades up by the time progress reports come out or the 1/2 way point in the quarter or semester.





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