On the Cusp. . .

. . .of the holiday season. Now that Halloween has come and gone, including this weekend we are 7 weekends away from Christmas/Holiday season.


The holidays are a wonderful time, a season of thanks, and good cheer. It is also a festive time to get together with friends, office holiday parties, holiday banquets/fundraisers, and concerts. There’s festive light shows, plays/concerts/ballets to attend, pictures to take, cards to create, gift lists, baking, decorating, planning, traveling, etc.


The holiday season seems to start sooner every year, and various personal and family events to attend only grow with young children.


So while we’re still 7 weeks away, I hope that there can be an intentional time to relax, take in the fall season, spend time with your immediate family without the pressures of everyone else around, and just savor a free weekend before it gets crammed with various commitments.


*photo credit: cosmicĀ fitness

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