Celebrating Right Now!

Let me be frank, I have a hard time generating a blog post with some sense of regularity, so when I heard about NaBloPoMo last month I thought that was a great idea to get me focused on blogging.


Well, fast forward (and Fall Forward), I’ve missed 2 days of blog post 🙁  but it’s the 1st weekday, so perhaps I will be modifying my expectations, and do what I can 🙂


I first ran into this news story over the weekend about a college basketball player, Lauren Hill who was dying. Despite her failing health and side effects to medications, her wish was to play in a college basketball game. Not only did the school work with the NCAA to move up the game 2 weeks to play their first game, but they also got her on to the court as a starter, and she was able to score on her first shot attempt for her team’s first points of the game.


After the first points, a timeout was called, and the team celebrated with Lauren on the court, while all the fans were on their feet chanting her name. One of the many storylines from this woman’s experience, this one struck out at me:


Hill said she’ll keep playing if she can. She’s just taking things moment by moment


Whether we are able bodied or have physical challenges, deciding between colleges or struggling to simply graduate, battling between some form of addiction and a life of abstaining, the only control and power we have over our obstacles is this current moment. Often times we focus on the end result in the distant future vs. focusing on overcoming the obstacle right now.


How awesome would it be if we had a whole team and stadium to celebrate our current achievements, successes, instead of just end of season championships?


What if we acknowledged our’s/somone else’s present and current accomplishments, and continue to celebrate each and every success. In a short amount of time that success would translate into the successful hours, days, week, months, a year, etc.



I’m celebrating that I have my 1st blog post for the month of November, and will take it one day at a time 🙂

Share below what you’ll be taking moment by moment.

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